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RC Airplanes Jets - The cheapest, easiest to fly and of R/C airplane types…

Memphis Belle Supersize B-17 Bomber RC Warbird Airplane - Radio Controlled Supersize B-17 Bomber Military Plane - RC

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F4U Corsair RC Warbird Airplane - Radio Controlled F4U Corsair Military Plane - RC $299

The term "RC car body" usually refers to the shell or outer covering of the RC car. This gives the general appearance of the RC car.

Now THAT is what I call a remote controlled plane!! Screw everything else!!!

This Week’s Supermodels

Bob's planes, boats, and all RC VOL 2 has many of these giant RC planes to view.

C-17 RC EDF Jet RTF - Radio Controlled C-17 RC Fighter - RC

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6 engines and HUGE 19' foot wing span scale B 36 flys at NAMFI 2010 SMMAC

This model is a B 36 b early model and did not have jets was made by Carl Bachhuber . It has a 19 foot wing span and is powered by 6 s great airplane a.