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Chabo hen with 3 chicks

Chabo hen with 3 chicks

Not dyed! From the Chocolate Flower Farm on Whidbey Island, Washington

Charmed Life: Olive Eggers--For Green Eggs and Ham! I thought this was very interesting and one of these days, I plan to have chickens, although may not care what egg color they have.

Unbelievable...all that is wonderous is found in nature. This is a Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam - Picture courtesy of Mark Robinson, UK. I googled this to be sure it was real!

malformalady: “ A Silver-Laced Sebright Bantam hen. There are two types of Sebright bantams; the gold-laced and the silver-laced bantam. The former have, as their name indicates, a pure golden color;


Lots of rural charm in the country

"Ok ladies, let's get this day started." Chicken and rooster silhouettes in a barn.

Poule ~ Hen

my grandmother had a messed up rooster that would chase me until i cried.i was so happy when that thing was on her dinner table. Lol My grandmother had one too ;

Standard Cohcin...one of the best chickens ever is holding down the fort in my French Country Acreage.

Pinner said: Standard Cohcin.one of the best chickens ever is holding down the fort in my French Country Acreage.

serene scene

Pretty pretty chickens make me want to be an urban farmer. Always had pet chickens as a kid!

http://www.aquaplan.be/Pers%20&%20Media/Dobbit%20Magazine/Dobbit%20Magazine%20224_ZelfgemaaktKippenhok_NL.pdf  http://home.scarlet.be/compostmeesters/Kippenhok.pdf

http://www.aquaplan.be/Pers%20&%20Media/Dobbit%20Magazine/Dobbit%20Magazine%20224_ZelfgemaaktKippenhok_NL.pdf http://home.scarlet.be/compostmeesters/Kippenhok.pdf

Growing fodder for chickens inside the run.

Grazing frames for chickens in small spaces. "Your chickens can snack on the green tips, and the frame protects the roots so that the grass survives to grow another day."- all the grass is gone out of our chicken cage. this is a good idea

Announcing it's almost time for the Bozrah French Country Market Food & Flea Magnificent Vintage Wares & Wondrous Food May