Steampunk Art of Almacan #steampunk

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Из серии «Механический мираж».  Автор работ: Казухико Накамура (Kazuhiko Nakamura).

Cyberpunk prototype, surreal hybrid of man and machine by visionary artist Kazuhiko Nakamura - Ego - AlterEgo

Steampunk Metal Stone Full Mask by Diarment

How can a Steampunk Metal Stone Full Mask made of cardboard, plastic, recycled parts and paint look this realistic? I'm truly fascinated! I've always said that with the right paint job, you can make anything look like metal.

Play ground wow

Avatar: the Last Airbender: Everything changed when the Fire Nation remodeled the playground ^awesome caption

steampunktendencies: “Steampunk Jungle Book (Painting by tessgarman) ”

Clockwork steampunk fairy - Funny and interesting little steampunk fairy sitting on the tip of a finger.

The intricate design of this piece! ~~Steampunk Fairy by artist Susan Beatrice (FB page is "All Natural Arts"). I suppose I could also post it with my fairies… :D