OMG, I've seen that pic and the first thing that came to my mind was: Please, give him to me, those eyes are too incredible to be real!

Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tim Walker for "Best Performances" for W Magazine, February 2015

And finally we have the color of Benedict's eyes <3 the prettiest eyes EVER

People tell me all the time that my eyes switch between these colors. Are my eyes glasz?

EVERYTHING. #benedictcumberbatch

Last week I tried explaining Benedict Cumberbatch to someone. This weekend he saw Star Trek Into Darkness.

Benedict Cumberbatch Prada Photoshoot

Benedict Cumberbatch Prada Photoshoot - Well he does (mostly) live in London, and we are going there!

Benedict Cumberbatch

I was commissioned to photograph the awesome actor Benedict Cumberbatch by The Guardian UK last Sunday. It was the cover story for their.


(Hi-Res) British actor and cast member Benedict Cumberbatch attends the press conference for ‘The Imitation Game’ during the annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), in Toronto, Canada, 09 September WARREN TODA

@Jenny Pabst I feel like this is totally you right now! hahaha

I fucking DIED! Somebody help, I can't breathe. I don't think I should have laughed as hard as I did. Kinda still laughing too. :D (if you don't get it, the name is Benedict Cmberbatch, an actor.