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Adorable little kitten

Such an unending variety of patterns, colors and yes, personalities. how a sweet is this kitty


Cats just let it all hang out when they are in a deep sleep. Cat Lovers would love to hold this precious kitten and rub the belly.

Siamese - The Siamese is distinguished by its brilliant blue eyes and its colored "points" which provide a striking contrast to its light-colored body.  Today's Siamese display a very long slender body type and a long wedge-shaped head and huge ears.  Siamese are recognized in the seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac points.

My Thai Cat

Siamese cat Stock Photos and Images. 953 siamese cat pictures and royalty free photography available to search from over 100 stock photo brands.

This is a Wise cat who loves puzzle toys, learning tricks, And playing draw. He isn’t as outspoken as some breeds, but he conveys his joy using chirps, clicks and trills, as well as the standard purr and meow.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

reminds me of how much I'm going to miss Echo. He was the best cat in the world

Mother cat holding her kitten because a hug is worth a thousand words. A Mother’s Love: 40 Adorable Animal Mom and Baby Photos

Desert kitten--No matter where they are and how they are, Cats will remain cats.

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The desert cat aka sand cat, sand dune cat, (Felis margarita) is the only cat living foremost in true deserts. lives only in the Sahara desert