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Airbia, le #zeppelin du #futur

Airbia, le zeppelin du futur

Here we cover some high tech century airships meant for transport, heavy duty lifting, and industrial - agricultural use rather than.

Always on the verge of a seeming comeback, airships are back in the spotlight, touting new technologies. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency recently announced funding for an innovative, ballast-free airship technology created by Aeros Aeronautical Systems, based outside Los Angeles. The Aeroscraft ML866's potentially revolutionary Control of Static Heaviness system compresses and decompresses helium in the 210-ft.-long envelope, changing this proposed sky yacht's buoyancy

4 New 'Blimp' Designs Bring Return of the Airship


Airbus air-catamaran to cruise above the 'new' Arctic seas - Plane Talking



madddscience:Nuclear-powered zeppelin  Retro-futurism in a picture.

Dark Roasted Blend: Airship Dreams, Part 1 Soviet airship fail. Where does the helium go?

The Aeros Pelicanto Airship Eliminates Gaseous Atmospheric Waste #eco #vehicles

Fuel-Efficient Blimps

Exist This Giant, Floating Airship From NASA And The Military Gets Closer To Flight Co.Exist For the next few years, all eyes in the aviation space are on the Pelican: a prototype for a revolutionary new airship--neither a blimp nor a.

ALERT military airship concept – New generation of dirigibles

Charles Bombardier’s ALERT military airship design is intended to provide flying infrastructural needs in regions where its absolutely missing .

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On Feb 2011 I published in this website a post about Airships and Climate Change A couple of days ago I found a interesting clip on the net. It seems Lockheed-Martin wants to build an airsh…

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For some of the best prices see Hains Clearance dot com Diagrams of British and German airships drawn to scale. First World War.

Aerial Ocean Liners : Stratocruiser from NAU

Strato Cruiser Airship Concept by Tino Schaedler and Michael J Brown

Stratocruiser from NAU