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justinchan: Paprika the Veggiemancer Blessed by magic, she can grow sentient turnips that help her do chores and garden. She is hot-tempered and very protective. Gordon is Paprika’s older brother.

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Amalgamated Pressure Hulls Inc.: And God said, "Let there be torchLIGHT"

"JAMIE'S GOT TENTACLES!"   Background painting : Gael BECU  Background design : Thomas GREFFARD

serie infantil Jamie’s Got Tentacles! Autoria conjunta entre Gael BECU (background paintings) Y Thomas GREFFARD (Backgrounds design).

Rough Draft - The collected art demos of Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying

Early idea for the cafe! Alternate Version of the Cafe as a Sushi bar by Victoria Ying!

Heroki - World 2

These screenshots show our latest graphical enhancement which give the game a boost in visual qu.