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Shitty ones

If Each Day Is A Gift quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes looney toons daffy duck bugs bunny humor<<<If that was possible I would be a millionare!


Seriously I don't know exactly when the UFO landed & dumped off all these Stupid People.

REPLACE word in a Song LYRIC and replace with "AUNTY ACID" and comment your results below  ;) This should be fun!!! <3

Here are some of my favorite "Aunty Acid" Funnies. She's got the same humor as "Maxine". Enjoy your weekend, and remember to laugh.

Hot flushes

I wouldn't mind these hot flashes half as much if they burned off some thigh and ass fat while they were at it.

basically....anyone who has a cat or has been around them would understand

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Aunty Acid

Move over Maxine! Found a new "lady" with a humour that appeals to me. My daughter Rosanne knows my love of snark / things y.