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Hiccup and Toothless.

SLIDES THIS INTO THE ANIME EXPO PILE I finished this just in time! I’ve always loved the HTTYD series, it would’ve been criminal for me not to have done some fan art in some way shape or form. Expect this at cons this summer!

My art fan art how to train your dragon toothless hiccup anime expo how to train your dragon 2

Hiccup and Astrid babysit ... From BadCarrotStudios ... How to train your dragon, hiccup, night fury, dragon, viking, astrid

Hiccup and Astrid babysit color

Which Part? by z666ful - Meme Center

Which Part?

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Hiccup and Toothless

Dragons How to Train Your Dragon 2 httyd2

Dragons How to Train Your Dragon 2

the proposal (Hiccstrid) pt.2 by on @DeviantArt

The Proposal (Hiccstrid)

I want a moment in RttE Season 4 where Astrid's hair is down and Hiccup just stares at it because it looks beautiful <<-- same. anyway httyd with a little Tangled inspiration ❤


Mon Voisin Totoro - Dragons, How to Train your Dragon Totoro style!

Oh my goodness hiccup can't you follow a few simple rules! But then who am I kidding? They're Vikings, "it's an occupational hazard"

Lol Toothless is not really any of these things. He's just a big bat/cat

:'( this is very moment sad :'(

My feels poor Hiccup :(

Jetzt wird er sicher nicht mehr übersehen

Adrien/Cat Noir ♥ Marinette/Ladybug Gosh this is cute 😄

I've seen it twice so far.  It's the best animated sequel I've ever seen so if you loved the first one, go watch HTTYD 2. Not all of this is spoilers.  Just a few of them.  HTTYD (C)...

Httyd Stuff (spoilers) by on deviantART - How to Train Your Dragon Fanart

como treinar seu dragão ,kiss , astrid. e .soluço,  beijo, how to train your dragon, hiccup, and , astrid, love ,history ,tirinha.

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hiccup and astrid

ekayart: HTTYD modern AU !  Animals instead of dragons! :Y

What if HTTYD was in our modern time?

motion graphics/ storyboards/ styleframes | How to Train Your Dragon 2 Title Sequence

End credits artwork