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through everything, I believe they will be back together because it's meant to be <3

Stefan and Elena - Stelena! The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.

It's like she said, "Anyone who can love can be redeemed." He showed us that given the right people and circumstances in his life he was willing to try to change. That's with 1000 years of bad behavior to make up for. And that's before we even get to the part where guys always underestimate a fangirl's ability and willingness to see through all sorts of emotional trauma and psychotic behavior. Eventually it even becomes endearing in some cases.

Tvd is so much better than real life. The bad guy/ the evil murdering crazy vampire is by default OK to love because it's tvd!

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Interview | Ian Somerhalder and Pail Wesley

The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley(Stefan) & Ian Somerhalder(Damon), Paul really is a comedian.