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The fable by LISEET MATA

No Time, Warning Signs, The Surface, Affirmation, A Dream, Poetry, Space, Life, Joy

Down Below.... by Marcus Brook

Melancholia: Demo Chapter 3 (The first 13 pages!) by Carry Starling (Malictory)

We are the Champions Teaser 2 by JK Harville

Ok, I was not going to post this and I was going to save it for the book, but I feel pretty good about it so I decided to share it. Please, lemme know what you think.

Blog 16, The Aaron Taylor Blog by Paul Phillips

Chasing Tail Lights by Ryan Hickey (R.M. Winter)

And So We Did by R. Skotarczyk

Limeri-x mark 2 by Les Johnson (Jaggedone)

Legion Of The Undead — Prologue by Michael Whitehead

Never Again by Brenda Robinson (the passionate one)

Fins, Flippers, and Fun, Fun, Fun by Melanie Gladney

To dream is to achieve. But sometimes, the American Dream is not for everyone.

The Screaming of The Sheep — Chapter 01 — The Awakening by Paul Phillips

Deerplain Donna 12 (The Puppy) by K. Vaughan

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The climb for God by Saurish Hegde

Halloween is a time for strange things to be allowed to happen. Maybe they were meant to happen. Maybe it was foretold?

down syndrome by jan oskar Hansen