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When it comes to Pitbulls, the beast is most often the TWO legged animal on the other end of the leash.SO TRUE

Stop killing wecare sick tired of you killing are breed off we are playing so stop never single one breed out. Never trash breed so damn bad that nobody would want them at all im pit bull terrier lover always I am animal lover I will never kill or abuse or been to any breeds once you go pit you sure won't never quit Gotta love a pittie smile!!

No kill revolution has begun, killing good dogs because of horrible humans IS animal abuse!

Dog specific legislation is wrong.  It's not the dogs it's the people.

You can own a tiger in Miami, but not a pit bull. Stop bsl its an unfair & ridiculous practice! No bad dogs, just bad owners. Punish the owners not the dogs!


So true, before the media called them killers families called them Nanny dogs !

Pit bulls can make wonderful dogs, but there are some very bad people who made some of them mean through abuse and bad up bring. They aren't born mean it's how they are raised that determines a "good dog." Please don't discriminate they are good at heart.

I love this pit bulls are actually one of the friendliest dogs when with the right owner. Sadly though Pit bulls are one of the most breeds found in shelters so Adopt Today and save a dogs life, you can fill the dogs life up with happiness!

This is so true!

BSL -- Breed Specific Legislation --- There will always be "another". BSL - STOP it now!