Oh dang.

I would rather be covered in sweat at the Gym than be covered with clothes at the beach. How To Lose Weight Fast For Women Women

Rome was't built in a day

Truths Rome wasn\'t built in a day. But they worked on it every single day.: Rome wasn't built in a day. But they worked on it every single day.

Feel the burn!

25 Inspirational Fitness Quotes to Motivate Every Aspect of Your Workout Inspirational Fitness Quote - Motivational Quotes: 18 Fitness Quotes to Inspire You to Work Harder

If you know what you want then go get it.

Fitness Motivational Quotes will boost your will power to workout and live healthy life day in and day out. Get your dose of motivation right now!

#1 reason

Reasons to be Fit- I'd say this is my second top reason to be fit. I want my family to care, and I want my daughter to be happy and gorgeous and not hate herself like I do.

Sore Is The New Sexy

So so so true, I love waking up and struggling to walk after leg day! been waking up sore for 3 days now

Mind over matter.. No excuses.

Cyborg manifesto essay In Donna Haraway’s essay, “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century” it is an effort to establish a political point of view on Feminism which an ironic political myth which is.

Here's to the people eating right & working out in the winter, you're gonna look sexy this summer!!!!

Winter is coming Summer bodies are earned in the winter! I am determined to wear a swimming suit next summer and not want to crawl under a rock and die. Let's get hot for summer

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