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Law x Luffy

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Luffy... || Naruto || Ichigo || Bleach || One Piece || Anime Crossover

Naruto ended in now Bleach ended just last month, it may be a good pic but it 's very sad. Now it makes ya wonder how far One Piece can go in the next few years.

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Anime/manga: One Piece Characters: Vivi, Zoro, and Nami, that's what I would totally do if I was in that situation.

Sons, One Piece

<NO ZORO NO LIFE !(@mugiwarakuroko)さん | Twitterのお気に入りツイート

<NO ZORO NO LIFE !(@mugiwarakuroko)さん | Twitterのお気に入りツイート

Don't kill Luffy's boyfriend

Anonymous said: If it's possible, can u also draw a continuation to the ASL sharing an apartment comic wherein they come with luffy in his date with zoro?