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Spoon marbles into a plastic bottle with out using fingers!

Fine motor activity -- spoon marbles into a bottle. How many can you get in without dropping any outside of the bottle? Not allowed to touch the marbles with fingers!

Nette Idee

Fine motor, lifting objects with various tools including large tweezers, chop sticks.

Παίζουμε μαζί: Πώς να μάθετε το παιδί σας να κάνει ωραία γράμματα, παίζοντας!

Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. Create patterns while practicing fine-motor skills. Kids practice cutting skills when they cut the straws themselves.

Dosen werfen ist ein Klassiker auf jedem Kindergeburtstag und man kann es ganz einfach selber machen. Noch mehr tolle Ideen gibt es auf www.Spaaz.de

15 awesome DIY, off-grid backyard games to play -- I can't wait to try them out with my family!

Fine motor skills - can substitute shoe lace for lacing activity for OT

Learning basic sewing with a polystyrene plate, yarn, + plastic needle. I remember doing this with craft mesh when I was a kid and then graduating to sewing buttons by hand onto little pillows and pockets.

Using pieces of pipe cleaner as worms and clothes pegs as bird beaks is a very easy way to work on developing those little hand muscles and fine motor control!

Fine Motor Skill Activity - pipe cleaner "worms" clothespin "birds" pick up worm and put in container "nest"