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Funny pictures about When the street lights went on…. Oh, and cool pics about When the street lights went on…. Also, When the street lights went on… photos.

True... also, back in my day you used "two" and "four" instead of 2 & 4

I just this same thing. 2 nd time in my life I feel very old. time was when my niece invited me to a club that played "old school!" I asked if old school was music. She said :"no, " ugh.

Hahahaha laughed out loud at this. I said this to my brother ALL the time!!!

I also heard it as "Girls go to Mars to get candy bars. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.

Loved growing up like this..

I'm not a kid but I still did all these things. (PS I survived the garden hose)

This may be the creepiest face/voice from my childhood!

Psh, I grew up in the and every single snow day at noon my neighbors and I would run inside for lunch, hot chocolate, and a fantastic dose of fear.

Gone are the days

I'm strongly respect my childhood

1990s - dial-up. Yup it really happened!

Remember when you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time? even remember having a house phone? lol :P

Yep. So much has changed in our society.

With the exception of the lightning bugs, all true. My curfew was the street light in front of my house coming on. That was all our curfews.

Funny childhood memory !

30 of the Funniest (Non-LDS related) Memes From the Past Week

As a kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my robot voice. Who didn't do this as a kid?

No, they won't.  Lol

kids today will never understand laying on the floor talking on the phone that has a cord attached to the wall