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Pokemon Fusion Sprite - MAROIZARD by *darksilvania on deviantART

And I made a third one people this one is named MOROIZARD (which I dont like, if it was me I would take out the "i") it is Ground/Flying and its a mix b.

Pokémon Fusion: Tarous + Arcanine = Taunine

Second go at pokemon fusion. A little less outline and more painting Pokemon Fusion - Taunine

pokefusion_part_1_by_jazzmincat-d6f6shu.png 632×1,264 pixels

They seriously need to make this a thing in the next Pokemon game! Rapidash and Haunter.

Pokemon fusion

The best and most incredible Pokemon fusion fan art drawings and pictures brought to live by amazing artists!

Pokemon Nightmare Fusion! (Episode 2) - Imgur

Pokemon Nightmare Fusion! (Episode 2)