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Block Shop

Block Shop scarves are printed by hand with carved wooden blocks in Bagru, Rajasthan, a method known as hand block printing. In keeping with the textile traditi

The world as seen by Americans.  Has plenty of alternate maps if you're one of those foreigner types.

483 - The Great European Shouting Match

Graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov takes such notions of Europe in his series of stereotype maps, which themselves are stereotypes of stereotypes. The above is how the US sees Europe.

The most intimate infographics of all may be maps, those images that tell of our complicated relationships to place, bounded by time. Or at least, this is just one of the interesting arguments made by the book Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas, a beautiful exploration of a small North Carolina neighborhood that also provides a platform for much larger ideas, published by Siglio Press in 201

Everything Sings: Making the Case for a New Cartography

Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas. Looks like a really interesting book- about mapping.

Black*Eiffel: Map-tastic

This idea and art project, may make you think twice about wanting them to tidy up their r.

Counting Coconuts: Our Continent Bags

Counting Coconuts: Our Continent Bags; can also make continent boxes, in colors that coordinate with Montessori continent colors. Could use 12 x photo / scrapbook storage boxes.

Sand Storm

Sand Storm

Sand Storm - took in an otherworldly art installation by Helene Schmitz.