Adenium Obesum, Rose Desert (пустынная роза)

A very nice double purple. I do have a thing for purple or blue flowers. I understand purples are hard to breed for in Adeniums with only or so resulting in the hybrid seed.

I love Pink Calla Lillies.I’m going to put these flowers all over my garden, when I get a house.

Green pink cala lily, one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful, nature is amazing

Clematis Franziska

Clematis Franziska Maria (Vine)

Clematis Franziska Maria - Beautiful, fully double flowers are produced on both old and new growth in a medium purple with blue overtones.

Beautiful purple calla lilies

Regal Calla Lily Bulbs grow best in container gardens, medium sized flower pots and in the landscape. Regal is a purple calla lily plant that produces rich deep velvet purple blooms with prominent dark purple eyes.

There are so many different types of flowers from around the world. This list offers some of the most popular that have their own spectacular features.

163 Beautiful Types of Flowers + A to Z With Pictures

Geranium Plants - Americana White Splash                                                                                                                                                                                 More

White Splash Geranium - some small white flower for tricycle flower pot, geraniums, impatiens,