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#WhiteInkTattoo I can't decide if I like them or if they look like a skin rash from a distance.

15+ Amazing White Ink Tattoo Ideas

Cool white ink tattoos are becoming increasingly common. Despite their lack of popularity in the past, more people are now finding that the subtlety found in white ink tattoos serves as a preferabl…

okay so i finally found a picture of a black person with a white ink tattoo  and now  i REALLY want one  it looks sick  this picture is a wing  i wouldnt get that design  but id get the ink color  so yes  im so pumped

White tattoo on dark skin. I love the contrast. Regular tattoos often seem to get lost on black skin and I find them hard to see.

I would love this tattoo..but smaller, in light blue ink at the base of the back of my neck.

Arwen's Evenstar from The Lord of the Rings. Gorgeous example of a white ink tattoo.