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アニメ『暗殺教室』劇場版DVDBD発売! on

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I found this and it said it was picked for my Akashi Seijuro board. Like Ansatsu characters may have been designed after KuroBasu ones but that doesn't mean you can mix up completely different characters -__-

Second ‘Assassination Classroom’ Anime Season Final DVD/BD Release Cover Art Arrives

Nagisa x kayano and karma x okuda

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Đọc Truyện Kho Ảnh Anime - Phong Cảnh - #20. Anime - Chirika Narazushi - Wattpad - Wattpad

Kho Ảnh Anime - Phong Cảnh - #20. Anime

New 4 star Karasuma and Irina drops from the latest event (August 5 -

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Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom has been one of the anime getting a lot of attention and excitement last season.

Nagisa & Karma from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom

Nagisa & Karma from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom

<CD2> ・「ヒーロー HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO」3年E組カバ担(岡野&メグ&矢田) ・「POISON ~言いたい事も言えないそんな世の中は~」3年E組カバ担(寺坂&村松&吉田) ・「僕の先生はフィーバー」3年E組カバ担(茅野&岡野&倉橋)  ・「学園天国」3年E組カバ担(渚&業&寺坂&中村) ・「千本桜」3年E組カバ担(律) ・「狙いうち」3年E組カバ担(イリーナ) ・「BOY MEETS GIRL」3年E組カバ担(岡野&矢田) ・「Hello,shooting-star」3年E組カバ担(潮田 渚) ・「青春サツバツ論 -渚&茅野ver.-」 ・「青春サツバツ論 -渚&業 ver.-」 ・「青春サツバツ論 -3年E組修学旅行4班(渚&茅野&業&杉野&神崎&奥田)ver.- 」 ・「青春サツバツ論 -磯貝&前原ver.-」 ・「自力本願レボリューション -渚&業ver.-」 ・「自力本願レボリューション -磯貝&前原ver.-」 ・「自力本願レボリューション -渚&茅野ver.-」 ・「自力本願レボリューション -渚ver.-」

They have a band now sweet! Assassination Classroom (they don't have a band sorry)

Nagisa, Karma, Kaede; Assassination Classroom

Nagisa, Kayano & Karma from Assassination Classroom/Ansatsu Kyoushitsu