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Pokémon - Nintendo consoles in the Pokémon games over the years.

The evolution of Nintendo console product placenta in Pokemon. (From the Pokemon games)

If you wish that Pokemon were real

i have Jirachi in pokémon diamond xD if they really could do this thats YYYAAYY


Pikachu: "Good luck getting away with what I just did you'll never get with him he's too oblivious" Serena: "What the actual heck Pikachu why would you mess with my dreams" Ash: "man I sure like Pokemon"

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Pokémon Humor ~ If you pay close attention to the first seasons of Pokémon, Ash didn't beat most of the gym leaders. He would fight the gym leader, Team Rocket would show up, Ash and the gym leader would defeat Team Rocket, and then Ash would get a badge.

Classic Charizard...

Classic Charizard...

This is how Pokémon feel

This is how Pokémon feel