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Rosa and colress

akuroma, kyurem, and mei (pokemon, pokemon (game), and pokemon drawn by noe yuuhi - Danbooru


Meganium                                                       …

“Meganium is such a lovely starter! I really adore its pink flower.

Goomy, Sliggo and Goodra by PeterParkerWorks.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Wanted to draw these guys after a friend showed me them last night, so cute! Goomy, Sliggo and Goodra

xnirox: “Smol Lucario is so much fun to draw. Here’s another one enjoying summer!

Clemont and his Luxray ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

Lightningscar a tough luxray he doesn't like other Pokemon.


Litten  LOVE Pokemon? Visit us: www.PokeMansion.Com

Sup I'm litten I'm a brand new type of Pokemon I'm a starter I hate being tuck in the lab with my two roommate starters I'm stubborn and fiery I don't really like to do what my owner says I'm a male and I'm not crushing and I don't have s lover

Gliscor v.2 by Xous54

Gliscor v.2 by Xous54

Resultado de imagem para anime

Nuevos Pokémon exclusivos y más detalles sobre 'Pokémon Sol' y 'Pokémon Luna'