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i honestly don't feel like I deserve someone as wonderful as you, like im just me? whats so good?~~

I dont deserve you latawna , if you want to move on ill understand . i know how bad i messed up . you are perfect and beautiful , a godess , and ill always love you no matter what , i blew it bad im so sorry

oh so true...the pain never goes away...it helps to get your mind on  something else, well for me!

So true. Too many opinions and I refuse to be emotionally hurt or take things personal. Nothing is worth losing sleep over when your life is your ship. Protect yourself from words. Do not be offended for God’s sake.


Black and White depressed depression sad suicidal suicide anxiety sadness depressing disorder

I don’t want to die. I just want to disappear. Like I was never here in the first place.

Dying sounds peaceful to me lately the monster has been myself and at night that monster screams your worthless and no one lives you just die

I dont know what I did that was so wrong but maybe I do. They say karma's a bitch so I must have done something. I just wish I knew what.

I'm sorry for not being 'normal' and positive.i'm sorry that at 2 am while everyone is asleep i'm crying with thoughts of suicide engraved in my head.i'm sorry i'm a freak

oh well..

I'm tired of people lying and saying I am. If I was good enough why is everyone I trust leave everyone I love break me no one wants to stay they just leave.

hurt mypost feelings ignored forgotten left out cancelled second option blamed

hurt mypost feelings ignored forgotten left out cancelled second option blamed, man dose it work to not get hurt over these stupid things:)