Something is really...something's not righ..Really wrong. And I got to get things back to where they belong.

Sharpay Evans was the last person I expected as a reaction photo relating to books << amen

That moment when we realize that we all became Justin..

Ok but if you had magical powers you could watch a movie by reading the book a couple times and having those images saved to a computer

This is me every time something goes wrong in my book.

This is me every time something goes wrong in my book.>>this is me every time something happens in my book in general

Pretty much.

A Society Based On Appearances

I find it funny to find this as I'm reading Danny Phantom fanfiction

It's painful. << Or when you're watching a movie and you have to close your eyes because you feel that embarrassment....

28 Totally Relatable Quotes About Books

I literally blush and sheepishly smile when a character does something embarrassing. I feel their embarrassment. So that forces me to also close the book and blush. And blush. Till my red cheeks turn back to normal!

Or drop them in Tartarus! Riordan...... Or put them under mind control!! Veronica Roth.... Or KILL THEM!!!!! Eoin Colfer...... Or turn them into a Crank!! James Dashner

This was what Suzanne was thinking when she killed prim and Finnick. And Veronica with Tris and Will. And JK with Fred. Authors are so mean!

I still want it anyways. Get me one of those babies!

Hhhhh ohhhhkeeeeyyyy mmmm I'm gonna die if I wear this thing about some of the stuff our character have been through tho