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I wish my parents would let me do that ;-;

I mean Dan has said that at that time he didn't have ant friends and I can imagine that Dan would talk about Phil a lot.

@johannakhoss do you have any idea what this Pokemon phanarts do to me?!?!?!?!

Just imagine Dan and Phil in a pokemon game,, that would be so fantastic

You won't get this unless you've watched Dan's latest video xD

The day dan sprayed deodorant in his eye and phil had to put eye drops in dans eye

i feel like i should feel bad for being able to read that whole thing so easily

Either amazing things or you read Homestuck.<< i don't read homestuck, you just have to be able to see to do this.<< I don't read Homestuck, I guess I'm just awesome

according to my research they do

according to my research they do<< thank you qualified phandom member