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Josephine Wall Cool Babes | Free Download HD The Forest Fairy 1024x768 - Download FREE Widescreen ...

The Forest Fairy by Josephine Wall In a sunlit glade, far from human sight the wood fairy happily gathers wild anemones. Full of the joys of spring, she adores the suns warm rays and delights in the freedom of Nature's woodland bounty.

Fairy Tales - Fantasy Paintings by Josephine Wall  <3 <3

Fantasy Paintings by Josephine Wall


Josephine Wall Glitter & Gold 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Spirit Of The Elements

Caught By A Sunbeam - Josephine Wall 

Caught by a Sunbeam by Josephine Wall Nestling her head on a cobweb pillow the pretty fairy drifts into slumber, after a hectic night of revelry, at a celebration of spring party with the elves and pixies. Many of her friends are hiding nearby!


Willow World (off Trees) - Oil painting by Josephine Wall (born May 1947 in Farnham, Surrey), a popular English fantasy artist and sculptor.

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Celestial Journey - Fantasy World of Josephine Wall - Prelude to a Kiss - Josephine Wall Mythical Fantasy Art 16