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That's Ed for you...

"Im not short, I just live in a big world!" Anime- FMA (fullmetal alchemist)Quote By- Edward Elric Anime Quote

PUH-LEASE!! I think both! Jean Havoc and Kirstein are both awesome people. I'm a big fan of FMA and AoT, but I think Havoc just beats Jean. Still love Jean though.

I say his name like in the anime [Jah], but I guess this would suffice with people who call him like pant Jeans xD.


Very deep and meaningful. Original pinner says; Full Metal Alchemist every time I someone disses anime I always say "well oh yeah, what moral values does your favorite movie or tv show have?

Fullmetal Alchemist - Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang, and Riza Hawkeye

Edward Elric        _Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Anime/manga: Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) Character: Edward Elric>> who are you calling so small he can't even be seen with a microscope!


Sword Art Online, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail. Octopops (Killer Bee) and Erza are the best.