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Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Math ~ Facts ~ From Whole to Parts ~ main lesson book

Waldorf ~ grade ~ Math ~ Facts ~ From Whole to Parts ~ main lesson book Decomposing numbers


The Waldorf Grade School offers a classical education for children in grades one through eight that is richly imbued with the arts. Waldorf education is a

lots more faction main lesson pages here http://pinterest.com/mamancigogne/fractions-grade-3-4/

Waldorf ~ grade ~ Math ~ Fractions ~ First Block ~ main lesson book

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Form Drawing ~ main lesson book

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In which the gnomes learn the VALUE of their PLACE. By this time the clearing was littered with baskets thrown here and there. Some were filled with gemstones and others had been toppled over. The mountain of gemstones was still.

Main Lesson Books (3rd) -              Stone Bridge School Third Grade

For those of you who are unfamiliar with "Main Lesson Books", these are the books the children make while they are immersed in a certain theme or topic of study.