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Channel Island (off California) Fox: Urocyon littoralis (descended from mainland Gray Fox)


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Arctic Fox -Some butterflies, foxes, and alpine plants have moved farther north or to higher, cooler areas.


a well balanced fox ~ Puget Sound, Washington ~ Sitting on a wooden fence that has a zigzag pattern-Photo by Matt Knoth

The fox and the hound - click for article on Daily Mail. Fox and husky become best friends <3

The real-life fox and the hound! Siberian husky finds playmate in cub

Now the young fox can sit and give her paw, as well as enjoying having her chin tickled.

Arctic foxes also known as vulpes lagopus has fur that is expensive people hunt them and make their fur into coats. Description from I searched for this on

Icelandic arctic fox, threatened by climate change and declining arctic ice areas


Este minero prácticamente se ha convertido en uno más de la manada y sus fotos lo demuestran

arctic fox

Another adaptation that allows the fox to survive such harsh conditions is its low surface area to volume ratio with and a rounded body shape to minimize the heat escape.

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Russian Mining Engineer Takes Work Breaks To Capture Gorgeous Photos Of Arctic Foxes

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