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TIP! Kokosnoot water als je sportdrank! Lees hier waarom: http://sportnewsfancier.nl/sports/tip-gebruik-kokos-water-als-sportdrank/

Coconut is the medicine for diseases constipation, heartburn, dengue fever and dysentery.

Dengue Fever Remedy...

Green tea has many great health benefits but there are greater health benefits to drinking Matcha tea. This is a form of green tea that is of the highest quality.

Sapota fruit health benefits

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Consumption of Chikoo acts as a diuretic and thus helps in removing waste materials from the body through frequent urination.

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Papaya Leaf Cure for Dengue Fever and Chikungunya

How to make papaya leaf cure for Dengue and Chikungunya, a recipe, and what it feels like to have a tropical bone-breaking fever

Palmyra fruit to treat heat rashes and boils!

Palm Fruit Health Benefits : Sugar Palm is a juicy, tender edible which is sweet to taste.