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Heart to use for nursery mobile Brass Heart Himmeli Mobile / Modern Hanging Mobile / Geometric Ornament / Minimalist Home Decor

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Large Brass Himmeli Heart / Modern Wall Wreath / Geometric Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor

pirámide hexagonal truncado

Net truncated hexagonal pyramid - use for a jewelry stand?

"Cuadratura del círculo": un símbolo alquímico (siglo XVII) de la creación de la piedra filosofal. De Frater5 de Wikipedia en inglés - Transferido desde en.wikipedia a Commons., Dominio público, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2200726

The 'squared circle' or 'squaring the circle' is a century alchemical glyph or symbol for the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone was supposed to be able to transmute base metals into gold and perhaps be an elixir of life.

Himmeli fig. 9 - Double Diamonds | Brass, Modern Minimalist Geometric Hanging Ornament, Mobile, and Air Plant Holder

Originating from the Swedish word for sky or heaven, himmel, the Himmeli are a traditional Finnish ornament, a mobile decoration that is