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Five Followups for a Failed Triangle Choke  | Stephan Kesting | Grapplearts.com | #BJJ #Grappling

Brandon Mullins teaches his signature triangle choke from the half guard on the Advanced BJJ Fundamentals mobile app for iOS, Android and Kindle.

How To Pull Guard Into An Armbar (BJJ)

A simple, safe guard pull to attack from closed guard into an immediate armbar attack keeping posture broken and preventing a stack defense.

▶ Armbar Escape from Guard (Saulo Ribeiro - BJJLibrary.com) - YouTube

Saulo explains how to escape the armbar from your opponent's guard. Get more videos like this, including the Jiu Jitsu University in Video (a roadmap to BJJ .

▶ Issue 12: D'Arce from Half Guard Top - YouTube

From Issue 12 of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine The D'Arce Choke is an arm triangle choke that gets its name from Joe D'Arce. Joe popularized the choke in modern jiu-jit.