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artboxONE Galerie-Print 60×40 cm Kindermotive ´´Der Supermann´´ beige hochwertiges Acrylglas auf Alu-Dibond Bild – Wandbild Kindermotive Kunstdruck von Leander Baerenz – Mintsense

artboxONE Galerie-Print cm Kindermotive ´´Der Supermann´´ beige…

This print of students' hands made into hearts could bring high bids for a school fundraising auction. #SilentAuction #School

Going Once, Going Twice: 16 Class Auction Projects Guaranteed to Sell

A simple and perfect project to involve everyone in this school art auction class photo! A beautiful piece of art that EVERYONE will want to display!

School Art Auction Class Photo

Imagine the hands painted as in the reach for the stars. We could photograph it the day of the event and the girls could take their hands with them if desired.

Creative and Fun to do with your Kids! Perhaps use the superhero for a Father's Day Gift???

Coopet Photography: side walk chalk ~ fun to take pic w/kids & art : ) .Dana we need to do this when the kids get a bit older!

Pray without ceasing.  Auction project of kids' hands

Pray without ceasing. Auction project of kids' hands - could change the wording to reach out and touch a hand, make friends if you can or I wanna hold your hand

Sidewalk Chalk Props: Creative Photos Of Kids Olympic Athletes As Part Of Chalk Art

LOOK: The Coolest Sidewalk Chalk Creations

Copper Art by 4th grade students in CA

Copper Art STRAND II: Elements and Principles Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork. National Standards: VA 2 Show-Me Standards: FA 2