Plot Twist to The Fault in Our Stars #tfios

Do you guys realize that since they also play Tris and Caleb that she dies instead of him in allegiant but he dies instead of her in tfios?

Isaac is such a sassy lil thing

"Augustus Waters was a cocky son of a bitch, but we forgive him." I laughed at this part, then i cried << so true the laugh turned into a full om cry

no this would have been an even worse ending!!i just cant this..i have lost all ability to even..i just cant..just no..noooo

I wasn't expecting that ending! The Fault In Our Stars alternative ending by some anonymous fangirl / fanboy

this will be forever true

How to Manifest the life of your dreams.the fault in our stars

And after my parents went up to their bed I said "Don't worry Hazel, I'll be with you soon." THE END

I thought having Gus die was depressing enough but now O have to deal with this!

Augustus, no, that's not what she would want!

Like Everyone didn't cry enough while reading the book and watching the movie. It's so sad :'(

This was the scene when I really recognized how phenomenal SHAIS acting was in this film. It's so real and I think we all can relate to it so much. I just love it.

Me with practically any book in a series. Especially Hunger Games or Vampire Academy and Blue Bloods

Hahahaha, best comeback ever. John Green TFiOS quote

Hahahaha, best comeback ever. John Green TFiOS quote << this is a lot deeper than that our school system is fucked beyond up.