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Turmeric & Saffron: Kalam Polow - Cabbage Rice

This is another great variation of rice that is a staple in Iranian cooking. Even though I've had کلم پلو kalam polow in the past, I mus.

Turmeric & Saffron: Saffron Rice with Cranberries

کرنبری پلو Cranberry Polow (rice with cranberries) is an aesthetically pleasing and tasty side dish. The tartness of cranberries are si.

Kalam Polo Shirazi with Kohlrabi (kalam ghomri)

One of my very favorite Persian dishes from Turmeric & Saffron: Shirazi Rice With Tiny Meatballs, Herbs & Kohlrabi Fries (Kalam Polow Shirazi)

Turmeric & Saffron: Maash Polow - Rice with Mung Beans

ماش پلو Maash Polow (rice with mung beans) is a delightful summer dish, light, simple and delicious. Usually, around the beginning of .

next year I will make this: reshteh polo (noodles & rice) from Turmeric and Saffron

Turmeric & Saffron: Reshteh Polow - Rice and Noodles: For Nowruz (Persian New Year)

My labmate's mother made this and it was awesome! Turmeric and Saffron: Tah-Chin - Persian Upside Down Layered Saffron Ric...

iranian food Turmeric and Saffron: Tah-Chin - Persian Upside Down Layered Saffron Rice & Chicken! love this rice

Persian Jeweled Rice - I've had this before and it's SO GOOD!

Turmeric & Saffron: Javaher Polow - Persian Jeweled Rice via Sandra Angelozzi