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Airplane at sunset

if there is heaven, this is as close as it gets - spitfire / sunset

Superbe photo

I think these planes are beautiful.: Wwii, Airplane, Aircraft, Planes, P 38 Lightning

B-24D Liberators in formation, early 1943. This was probably a flight to test the visibility of a new National Insignia design

American bombers 'Liberator' (Consolidated Liberator) in flight. In the foreground - serial number

1938 Short Mayo Composite. A piggy-back arrangement comprising the Short S.21 Maia (bottom) and S.20 Mercury (top) flying boats, designed for long-distance transatlantic flights. Both aircraft together would attain operational altitude, at which point Mercury would detach and continue to the destination. It was hoped this would negate the need for extra fuel tanks, which used up valuable passenger space on existing Empire flying boats.

Short Mayo Composite 1938 The Short Mayo Composite was a piggy-back long-range seaplane/flying boat combination produced by Short Brothers to provide a reliable long-range air transport service to the.


The Nakajima "Hayate" 疾風"Gale"?) was a single-seat fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in World War II. The Allied reporting name was "Frank"; the Japanese Army designation was Army Type 4 Fighter (四式戦闘機 yon-shiki-sentō-ki?

Olive-drab painted B-29 bombers, late 1943.

Olive-drab painted B-29 bombers, late 1943. [2792x2180]

I forgot to mention in my email that my Uncle Jack was a pilot in WWII. This is the airplane he flew.

PBY 5A Catalina - Consolidated PBY Catalina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Consolidated PBY Catalina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia