Salish Childhood  Curtis, Edward. Copyright 1910. Prints and Photographs Division,  Library of Congress

Flathead childhood Salish North American Indian boy, posed, wearing costume and headdress. by Curtis, Edward S.

Black Star - Comanche Warrior

Back-stamp: "Fort Smith, Ark." Collected by the current owner's ancestor, John W. Black Star, Comanche (no other historic reference to this man has been found).

This is an example of a Blackfoot burial platform.

Indian Burial You are viewing an original photograph of an Indian Burial. The photo is by Roland W. Reed, and was taken in The picture shows two Indians beside burial platform.

Mother & Child

c 1909 Cayuse Indian woman and baby photo: Edward S. Curtis (Native American, Oregon, beaded clothing and cradleboard, basketry hat, basket)