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RULES: Ask me a question I will answer yes or no if i dont want to answer it I will give you a shoutout   simple as that:)

Ask away :)>> please I'm like really bored and it's cold outside so I can't go outside so back to the point comment please.

But really! Feel free to send me pins or comment! Oh and I would be down to talk about 1D and 5sos all day!

Just sayin' :-) yall can tag me or invite me to boards as much as you want!

Who do you ship me with? Any! YouTuber, Band member, singer, actor, book character, TV show character! Even another pinner!

What Pinner do you guys ship me with? Will you tag them?

What do you think of me? Comment! I'd love to know! :) ps Sophie devyn and lacey you know me so no comments.

Comment correctly on 6 or more and get a shout out! :) please guys guess I wanna know what you guys think of me!

FIRST person to tell me what # they think I'm thinking about will get a shoutout. Whoever can guys WHY I chose that #, will get a follow back!!!

I'm thinking of 3 numbers! You can only comment 5 numbers at the most!