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Shopping Totem by David Welch, from his Material World series of sculptures. Material World is my response to our contemporary consumer milieu. By treating

balloons and glowsticks...they look so pretty. never would've thought of doing this!

magical light installation by British lighting designer/artist Bruce Munro. Field of Light was displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall from November 2008 – March

Surreal Photography by Lara Zankoul | InspireFirst

“Lara Zankoul Photography invites viewers to suspend disbelief with her photos of subaquatic home life, which she shot in a water tank outfitted like a…”

Construct NYC 11, 1982, Cibachrome, 40x30in

Barbara Kasten mirrors, columns, pyramids, and spheres creative-day: Barbara Kasten Construct NYC 11

Don Elder, Unknown on ArtStack #don-elder #art

Don Edler, Save the Future from the Past, Save the Past from the Future, 2012 ©

All buildings, outdoors, unusual, odd, different, modern, beautiful, sanctuary, talented, gifted, artisans, creative, working with the light

In my Color World, every single window would be like that. hundreds of threads make a rainbow - by installation artist Mark Garry

I don't know if this is photoshopped or what. I just don't know anymore and I find that to be a damn shame. If this photo is real, how awful for me to even suggest.............

Doris Salcedo, Installation at International Istanbul Biennial, Salcedo's idea was to create a "topography of war"--not tied to a specific historical event, but to war in general. wooden chairs piled high between two buildings in central Istanbul.

by Laurent Chehere

Circo Voador // Flying Circus Tent from the Flying House series by French photographer Laurent Chehere.

trolley race for the best bargains in store, pinned by Ton van der Veer

trolley race for the best bargains in store, pinned by Ton van der Veer

Face Plant..beautiful double exposure!

I Was Stunned After Seeing THIS Double Exposure Photography