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Lauren perfume. Friends named their children after it...

ralph lauren lauren perfume//// macys woody green spicy i remember smellling this at g fox or filenes years ago and loving it as it was spicy and almost cinnimony to me but it was very expensive

Bobby pin curls

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Loved this when I was a kid!  Debbie Gibson was da bomb! :)

Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth perfume my sister had some of this i loved the smell!

What ever happened to this stuff ?

The weird orange flavored gum I would chew when I had a sore throat. (I thought I could get away with chewing gum in school if I told the teacher it was for a sore throat) no deal :(

Vintage 1970s Lemon up Shampoo By Toni  by CapricornOneEphemera, $20.00

I loved Lemon Up Shampoo. The smell and the cool lemon shaped top! BTW Vermont Country Store still sells this!

The "good" shaver

Flicker Razor for Women - was introduced in 1971 and was the first disposable razor designed exclusively for women. It was a big improvement over the blade razor I was using, one false slip.

My very first razor when I was finally allowed to shave my legs lol

Flicker- my mom bought this for me the first time I shaved my legs!

Toni and Lilt Perms with plastic rollers and sponge wrappers. They smelled terrible and made your eyes burn, but they worked.

Toni home perm --- I hated those perms. Mom always gave me a perm right before school started so my hair was so curly in school pictures.

Exclamation Perfume, I used to wear this back in the day, I used to have the empty bottle

Exclamation Perfume - The Perfume Girl. Fragrances and colognes from fashion houses and perfume designers. Scent resources, perfume database, and campaign ad photos.

I had one pair of yo yo's and I was a little girl. Every girl in middle school had yo yo's.

50s metal dollhouse

metal doll house with room deco printed on the walls. I loved mine, with molded plastic furniture

Sun In for hair highlights just from sitting in the sun - 1970s multi-tasking.

My hair turned orange just in time for senior pics using Sun In.