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Steampunk:  "Steampunk Leather Top  Hat," by ajldesign, at deviantART.

Love this hat! "Steampunk Leather Top Hat," made by covering a party city (cheap) hat w leather from an old coat (thrift store)

Cool steampunk eyewear.  I'd wear these while ridding my bike

Cool #steampunk #eyewear. I'd wear these while ridding my bike #steampunkeer

I became interested in Steampunk fashion/style when I photographed a Steampunk wedding in Hemel Hempstead 80 miles from Bury St.

Cybergothic - Community - Google+

Steampunk male character costume outfit design, Time lost by Omar Brunt steampunk hat and mechanic gloves and arm, pilot glasses, steampunk belt costume design for steampunk man fashion

Bizarre & Stylish Steampunk Creations | Oculoid | Art & Design Inspiration

Bizarre & Stylish Steampunk Creations - StumbleUpon Steampunk hydraulic arm enhancer when you need a lot of power right away

S.T.E.A.M.by Hopie-chan

S.T.E.A.M.by Hopie-chan

Patina Steampunk Time Capsule Earrings by ~ArtOfAdornment on deviantART

The perfect amount of detail! Patina Steampunk Time Capsule Earrings by ~ArtOfAdornment on deviantART

I love the hair color!!!

Clockworker Girl by Sina Domino Collins. This classic Steampunk leather corset & bustier has gears & clockwork pieces in the leather to create the pattern, all detailed & influenced by her fire, red hair.


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Tesla Pistol - also looks like a Little Sisters needle from Bioshock. I think I need one, considering the USES it could have.

Camellias Brocade Buckled Steampunk Waspie Ultrashort Underbust Corset Waist Trainer