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de hof van het heden: december 2015

I was on the train the other day. It was crowded and lacked empty seats. But you found one directly opposite from me. Me with my blonde hair, blue eyes,…

Everyone has experienced this feeling at least once in their life!!!!

You start sweating, and you panic ❤️yep so true only w/me my phones in the other pocket

funny and teenager post image

I'll look past the bad grammar because it's funny - 'suppose' should be 'supposed'. Ironic not eyeronic

For real, everyday we do algebra

Dear math, i am sick of finding your x. just accept the fact that she's gone. Move on, dude

Lol I haven't heard of this before. Now I can't get it out of my mind

Teenager Post - "Hey can I borrow a pencil?" "Yeah, but it doesn't have an eraser." "Life doesn't have an eraser.That was deep.

OMG so True Quotes | Via Melissa Pavlicek

The forty and overs are not going nit pick my room! Thats only my forty and overs.