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Although rats and mice look alike, these are not the same species. Rats vs mice differences define the way of infestation treatment.

rats are good pets I have one named Gus and he's so good they're really friendly and people need to my judge rats by their looks they should meet their personality

"I have heard so many positive things about pet rats. They are incredibly intelligent, tame and very lovable." I love pet rats

slowly back away from the babies...

slowly back away from the babies.i JUST got them back to sleep, dammit!


Buahahaha my girls sorta dont mind, and I MAJORLY mind when they smell like pee.

Mamma That Makes: Rattie Houses from Upcycled Bedsheets

Up cycled rat, hamster, mice houses that can be crocheted out or recycled materials. Comes with pattern. something for the NITPICKY skating pros to do when they aren't LYING THEIR BRAINS OUT.a home for your rink rats.

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