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cute summer dress to bring out your eye color :)

Beautiful and nice chevron summer dress for ladies maxi dress! i LOVE this dress and color!

Love this look

Pinkly smiling tanned blonde in teal/coral Navajo print miniskirt, kneehigh grey boots & matching long-sleeve top

This dress works for this women, because   she has a summer skin tone, which means that she has light eyes and she tans   easy. The dress is an overall pink, which can be a little to much, but with the   grey sweater she has, it accents the dress and makes it calming and seem   sweet.

Pink lace dress, bag, and cardigan. (Even tho I hate pink so I would like the dress in a different color)

Long Sleeve Shirt- chevron zigzag pocket anchor

Warning this mom likes to Holla - Football MOM - Burnout Tshirt - Football shirt - You customize the color