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Life hacks seriously this is awesome. Okay, I know this is wrong but I love Miley.

1000 Life Hacks ~ I LOVE THIS! Too many landlords don't allow pets OR pets under 25 pounds. Larger animals are not allowed. This "Emotional Support Animal" tactic is AWESOME!

11 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life - Minq.com

You don't need steady hands or a dotting tool to get an adorable polka-dot manicure. Just slap a bandage over a thoroughly dry manicure, making sure the holes

Simple Freeze Pop tip for Mess-Free Treats

Simple Freeze Pop tip for Mess-Free Treats- Tips-n-Tricks

36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks -We always have Freeze Pops in the fridge on the dock - I like this idea for storing them. Now they wont come sliding out when I open the freezer!

Utter nonsense.  Those are markers to signal automated machines when to cut and seal tubes made from roll stock.

Dark streaks (or rectangles) shows that the product is composed entirely of chemically! The red squares show the product in yield and chemical from natural products. Green fields show the product contains only natural ingredients, free of chemicals

Whiten your teeth within 2 minutes

10 Excellent Makeup Hacks

Makeup / Hair Ideas & Inspiration Best Beauty Hacks - Whiten Teeth In 2 Minutes - Easy Makeup Tutorials and Makeup Ideas for Teens, Beginners, Women, Teena

And while you are starting over be POSITIVE!

These 13 Quotes Will Give You The Motivation To Get Up, Start Over And Move On

I actually fell asleep

Having trouble sleeping! Blink fast for a minute. Tired eyes help you to fall asleep.

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