Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Carroll for Alice Liddell, last page - Lewis Carroll – Wikipedia

Lewis Carroll’s original last page of 'Alice’s Adventures Under Ground,' including a picture of Alice Liddell - the little girl who was an inspiration for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,' 1865

vintage everyday: Meet the Real Alice of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Alice Pleasance Liddell photographed by Lewis Carroll. (May 1852 – November inspired the children's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll: 'Alice's Adventures Under Ground'  British Library Add. MS 46700, f.19v  Copyright © The British Library Board

Handwritten pages from Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, illustrated by Lewis Carroll

Albert Einstein Riding Bicycle vintage print

Albert Einstein Riding Bicycle vintage print

Arguably the most renowned physicist in history, Albert Einstein was visiting the USA in 1933 when Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany, so as he was Jewish,

Alice Liddell poses for a portrait taken by the author.

Lewis Carroll - a life in pictures