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New Year funnies – Greeting 2015 like a boss - PMSLweb

Robin, will you never learn?

Batman and Robin

Merci Puberté! 11 célébrités qui ont ultra bien grandi

Esto a mi no me parecen los mismos han cambiado mucho

Divine Intervention

How to Crusade in 2017

and still fighting nowadays<< did they just use a hetalia comment?

A manly rivalry. The rosbiff insult is actually a legit French insult (to the English)


We all need to be mildly rude sometimes. Comics by Cyanide And Happiness!

Enhanced world war ( Austria ) by 440Hertz  #polandball #countryball

Enhanced world war ( Austria ) by Why we are not allowed to have super powers.or weapons of mass destruction loose in the world

Canada' new shirt

can i just put this in my hetalia board <----- I thought Hetalia so much lol

Like a viola boss

(change it to tenor clef for cello and then it'd be perfect.

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 2-2

For all the band and orchestra nerds out there like me. This had me cracking up.

Names of the ships(in order): IJN Yamato, KMS Bismarck, USS Atlanta

Neighbor and Neighbour


Banzai to you my friend


You blew it.

Countryballs 'Polandball': WWII by animatedjerk

This is an illegitimate Polandball. Polandballs are supposed to be drawn freehand. Also, Polandball itself should be upside-down.