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☾ Ꭶմɳʂҽ৳ʂ & ᎦմɳɽᎥʂҽʂ ☼ ~ Ethereal . the clouds look like foliage on the tree - really cool!

Posted By MMK on Jul 29, 2015 | Advertisement Human civilization has a habit of boxing us up in brick and cement. We seldom get to experience the refreshing feeling of living in nature without ...

15 Must-See Homes That Are Completely Enveloped By Nature

15 Homes Built Within Nature That Probably Don't Have to Worry About a Mortgage - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Red sprite over Oklahoma http://bit.ly/2ya95gt "Photographer Paul Smith said he thinks this may be the 1st documented capture of these flickering lights - seen above thunderstorms - over Oklahoma." -EarthSky

Photographer Paul Smith said he thinks this may be the documented capture of a red sprite over Oklahoma. They& large-scale electrical discharges - high above thunderstorm clouds - flickering in the night.


“Th setting o/t sun is a difficult time fr all fish” Ernest Hemingway, Th Old Man & th Sea

home built litterally into mountain

Home In The Turkish Mountains -- fascinating homes built into the hillsides thoughout this region of Cappodicia Turkey.