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"Photos of dogs taken after leaving the shelter and getting in the car… - Adopt, don't shop!" Pet shops and breeders are not animal friendly. Help control the pet population and spay/neater/chip. Stop supporting puppy mills and adopt a sweetie!

Adopt!  I wish I could have more pets....

Adopt, change a life. (everyone things that we mean the animals life, we don't we mean your own)

Yes! adopt them all! Wow so exited to share these SUCCESS PHOTOS!!PLEASE HELP SAVE OTHER ANIMALS !!THEY NEED OUR HELP!!

Rescued animals: before & after

Funny pictures about Rescued animals: before & after. Oh, and cool pics about Rescued animals: before & after. Also, Rescued animals: before & after photos.

Support No-Kill at your local municipal shelters! NOKILL refers to at least a 90% SAVE ratio at open admission, municipal shelters - programs explained in Nathan Winograd's book, REDEMPTIONS.

NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTERS NATION-WIDE ! kill shelters: stop the cruelty of killing animals and think what if i were them! help me get the president to outlaw kill shelters!

Please share, repin--tweet if you think there should be an animal offender's list! Absolutely! !!!!!

SHARE -- If you believe we should have an animal offenders list! We should , protect animals


Dogs are not meant to be chained outside. If you don't want a dog inside your home, do not get one.

Some people are too self-centered and selfish to see that animals have feelings too...

Maybe you're not paying attention.please adopt, foster, advocate, recycle.